Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back Link Books and Authors Dear to My Heart

Marie, one of authors in a blog (Crockatt & Powell Booksellers) I read regularly, wrote an entry titled, I Heart Books. The list of her favourite books was not based on notable literary merit rather it was complied of books close to her heart. The best types of books, don’t you think? (more)

There are two new entries in the Book Corner.


Blogger Karen from Williamstown, MA (USA) said...

Well, I tried to post a comment to this earlier but was logged in as Lia - so this may appear more than once. I can't answer the question of which books I like best by the authors you list - it's a great list - but I'd like to add a few more names to the list to see what anyone else out there might respond. How about:
E.H. Young (whose books are so insightful and hauntingly beautiful that I can never understand why she is so little known)
Virginia Woolf
Barry Unsworth
Dorothy Dunnett

Behind a post like this one lies the hope of contact with someone who either has read the same books and can share what is special about them, or has read other books that were profound reading experiences and can pass them along so that you can discover new authors. You have reminded me that it has been much too long since I read one of Sue Hubbel's books. Perhaps I can go to sleep with one tonight....

23 March, 2006 04:06  

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