Saturday, March 11, 2006

Back Link Guess Whose Coming to Dinner

One of the “regular columns” or postings we hope to get from participators to The Red Tent Blog is:

Guess Whose Coming to Dinner: make up the guest list of your choice for your dream dinner party - with people from both past or present.

A few months ago, I wrote in my blog the following dinner party guests list:

Margaret Atwood, Jodie Foster, Maureen Dowd, Michaëlle Jean, Kofi Annan, Joschka Fischer, Barack Obama, Bob Herbert, Michael Ignatieff, Michael Ondaatje

They are not listed in order of preference. I find each equally fascinating.

I would be much too shy to actually sit in on the conversation and would prefer, instead, to be a ladybug on one to the flowers in the table decoration arrangement.


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