Monday, March 13, 2006

Back Link March and April's Topics

Here is a list of possible topics you might like to write about in the months of March/April:


Women in a Man’s World: politics, science, journalism, and economics ─ professions where women are still a rarity. Who inspired you to choose your profession and what kept/keeps you motivated?


How is a your individual state of health a political/social dilemma?


When, how, why, and what to study?


Best Friend/ Worst Fiend: stories and discussion exploring what makes a best friend, and the flip side of the coin.


The trip that changed my life: stories about journeys taken which have changed the course of our lives in a way we never would have predicted.

Please, only take these topics as suggestions. If you have something else you wish to state an opinion on, feel free.

christine from luebeck, germany


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