Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back Link Desperate Housewives Gaming Concept

Just picked up the first series of Desperate Housewives on DVD. I’ve haven’t watched anything but the weekly highlight on their Internet site. Must say, so far (episode 9), there is nothing relevant in the DVD that I haven’t already seen in the highlights. OK, obviously there is a little more detail, but as far as the progression of events, who-did-what-to-whom, each forty-minute episode can me condensed down to a five (?) minute sequence.

Astonishingly fact once you consider that the show (I believe) runs for an hour. The actual storyline is broadcasted in under forty minutes. Then, the amount of relevant information is conveyed in four minute. Not that I am saying you can reduce the Desperate Housewife experience down to those four minutes. Just that there is a lot of room to move with the development of the main storylines.

The reason I bought the DVD, was because I recently read that they (here) are in the process of developing a computer game for the series. A lot of newpaper hype, but if you are looking carefully about what they are saying, they do not envision anything new or innovative for the new game. It is such a shame that the only thing the game industry can come up with is a Sims-like clone. That is just not going to cut the rope with the target audience.

I am giving a presentation at work next week which posses the question “What do women want… when it comes to gaming?” I was fanaticising how lovely it would be if I could give the presentation to the product development and marketing department of Buena Vista Games. Not being one to indulge in wishful thinking, I’ve decided to write up a game concept for Desperate Housewives and see whether there is any possibility of getting someone to look at it. It’s worth a try.


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