Saturday, July 08, 2006

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When it comes to online radio programs, as many of you know, I love all that has to do with audio entertainment on the Internet. I am a self-confessed audio addict. So, I wanted to share with you a new alternative for creating an online radio program tailored to your tastes or moods.

There is marvellous program that allows you to do this, Pandora. In brief, you set up a radio program by writing down the name of a few artists or song titles you like, and then just press “play”. Then, theoretically, an endless string of songs will play; all tailored to your tastes. There are songs not only by your favourite artists, but also other artists of similar styles.

You can imagine it as being something like the function Amazon offers its customers when they say “people who bought this book also liked the following books”.

Pandora is nothing other than an intelligent search machine with access to over 95,000 song titles. The program play songs it thinks you will like based on the information you give it: favourite artist list and your song ratings (one click: thumbs up or thumbs down). The longer you play your program and rate the songs Pandora chooses, the better the songs get.

Even 95,000 titles are not if they are just 95,000 pop titles. But, there are actually quite a few artists on my list (e.g. SEEED, Cheb Mami, The Slackers) that I’m surprised are in the data bank.

So, for all of you at home or at work, who like playlists like Radio Déliro, take a look at this. You can set up as many programs as you like: your Monday Morning Blues program, or you TGIF program, or even, the Children Are Asleep And The Night Is Young program.



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