Saturday, July 22, 2006

Back Link Postcard from along St. Jacob' Pilgrimage Trail

Gabi, from Luebeck, Germany, is momentarily hiking along the St. Jacob' Pilgrimage Trail for a few weeks. This is a gift she has given herself; for Gabi went back to university a few years ago and she just graduated (education) and signed a work contract to teach at a primary school in Luebeck.

When Gabi told me that she wanted to spend five or six weeks hiking along the trail between France and Spain, I asked her whether she would write me some postcards I could put into the Red Tent Blog. Nothing spectacular, just day-to-day occurrences.

Two postcards arrived today. Enjoy!

P.S. According to the weather map, temperatures are between 30-40 degrees C, no rain, hot sun… more hot than your body temperature, you get the picture.


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