Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back Link Postcard from along St. Jacob' Pilgrimage Trail III

from gabi in burgos, spain, 19.07.06

Hola Lia!

Qué tal? Slowly I am understanding more Spanish and can also ask necessary questions along the way. My feet are full of blisters still, but they are healing! I'll try to reach Burgos the day afer tomorrow. It's nice to meet up with people again that I've met before. The shine shines brightly, but I really like it!

Love, Gabi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can yoiu reply with information that tells us where exactly this is?
I was in Spain (madrid) last month and 2 gentelmen discussed this indicating that the legend says those that hike the entire trail, gain immediate entry into heaven.

05 December, 2007 19:51  

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