Monday, August 28, 2006

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sibylle from luebeck, germany

Today I came across the website of the "dropping knowledge" project, a very ambitious project about making people more aware of their world, to start asking questions.

I watched several of the films and commercials and ads at this website and I was very touched by some of them. I am not sure about the founder of the project. Is he just smugly or is he (like he prefers to see himself) a messias on the way to a better world? And does it matter? He managed to touch me with his films, to make me think. Isn't his enough? Otherwise: I was touched because the pictures, the music and the people in the films are beautiful. Is it bad to start caring about a problem because you learned about it through highly aesthetical pictures? Would I have listened and watched otherwise?

Apart from these questions, the films on this website are probably inspiring for many people in one way or another. In one of the commercials I learned to know Uma Thurmans father and his questions. I always assumed that Uma Thurman is "not only" a great actress but also an interesting personality and her father definitely supports this assumption.

In many of the films you just get a glimpse on how other people live. Inspiring and agitating - just go and see for yourself! What are your questions?


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