Friday, August 18, 2006

Back Link Passing The Time Away

My daughter was at her friend’s house this morning and so I spent a few hours catching up, as it were, in the blogsphere It is not that I’ve been Internet-deprived these last weeks during summer holidays. It is just that I haven’t had the time to listen to longer talks (here and here) or meander through some of my regular blogs (here, here, and here) or get a taste for some new blogs (topic blogs: here and here, personal blogs: here and here, and one in between: here).

Odd, but I got the feeling that, though the time spent reading and listening was not a waste of time, it was a suspended, listless sort of passing of time. Not something that I usually feel; which could be due to the fact that there were none of the normal regular household interruptions occurring. Or it could do with the fact that I hadn’t actually done anything with my day before I sat down with my tea and blogroll (droll, just couldn’t resist).

Interesting enough, I read a very interesting article (here) a day or two ago where the author recommended that we all not read our emails the first thing after arriving to work, but an hour or two after firing up our computers. How radical! I tried to think if I knew anyone who didn’t spend the first half-hour or so at work doing this tedious task.

Yet, once I took some time to digest this suggestion, it is not only brilliant but also self-evident. If, in the first hour of work, we channelled our energy and creativity towards tackling important and, hopefully, interesting tasks than there is a fair chance we'd feel as though we had accomplished something wonderful even before most of our colleagues arrive in their offices. And, feeling so, when the interruptions arrive, as they inevitably do, our deposition towards the interruptions would be other than they usually are: more of a bring-it-on-bring-it-on than a god-not-another-wipe-out-day. What a thing that would be!

So, I guess the hours spent in the blogsphere this morning were well invested after all.


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