Thursday, November 23, 2006

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maureen from grenada, caribbean

Chant for Peace

Once again I return to creative musings here on the page. Getting to the canvas these days seems challenging. My body is in front of the canvas but my mind is on writing. I realize one of my writing blocks has to do with waiting for the opportune time to write. I realize now there will never be an opportune time to write and I have to be more proactive. So now I take back the time, thief the time and write whenever, wherever. So now I write while I wait for the spaghetti to boil, just before hanging the clothes, a few minutes before I begin to paint for the day, just before I go to bed, while I am waiting for the bus, or my tea to cool. I still hunger for more direction; more focus but am confident that will follow. I need to listen more from the inside and let go of this incessant fear of getting it right rather then getting it down on paper... (more).


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