Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back Link Trickling Back

Well, some of us have been away from the Red Tent Project for a while now. We are slowly trickling back in. I decided, very spontaneously, to participate in a blogging event called NaBloPoMo. This took me on a journey of sorts, writing an entry into my yum yum café blog every day of November.

It was both a good learning experience, as well has been a hoot, but I am glad not to writing under such constraints any more. Though, having said this, one of the positive things I did discover was, the more I wrote the more ideas came to mind. Not necessarily all good ideas, but heck, no sense in analysing every endeavour.

Tammy and I want to write our thoughts down about our daughters’ transitions from childhood into their teens. We have “talked” (exchanged emails) on the topic somewhat and will mull the topic around more before writing in down in this blog.

A dear friend, American who lived for many years in Germany, once said that American children remain children a lot longer than European children. But, American teenagers “play” at being adults earlier than European teenagers. She observed this about twenty years ago, so I am not so sure whether it still applies, but in my limited experience, it is not far off the bat.

There was an interesting post (here) in BlogHer. A lot of stuff to ponder on in the next weeks.


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